2012 – The Year We Bring Our World Back Into Balance

As the world’s top analysts attempt to predict what will happen in 2012, the current escalation of world affairs continues to pressure us. Rather than wasting time thinking about what we can do with the current tools at our disposal, we should be thinking about how we can embrace the integral global world that has seemingly landed on us without warning.

To truly grasp the changes required of us, and understand how we can implement these changes, we cannot put the cart before the horse. The global integral world is a world where we are all connected. This can be viewed as some kind of decree, but at the same time it’s a fact. So all the usual solutions regarding methods of taxation, production, savings, investments, and innovation are simply adding salt to the wound because the basic conditions of our existence have changed.

The global integral world is not about the transfer of knowledge or merchandise, but is rather an expression of an approaching new social order. The solution is very simple, but also in complete opposition to our egoistic and private development that we were engaged in until now. The global integral world is a world where we are all connected to a single system, where it is impossible to ignore the crashing economy in the U.S., Europe, Japan or China because the fall of one of those powerful countries will have a butterfly effect and drag the rest of the world down along with it.

The expression of the global integral world is mainly social; so economy, education, countries, politics—basically all the existing systems tying us together in interdependence and reciprocal relations–are about to change as a result of the required shift in society. The entire balance of power between people is on the verge of changing. The ratio between the parts of the systems tying us together has gone completely haywire: rich, poor, middle class, and this will have irreversible implications.  The increasing gaps no longer allow a proper existence in this world. There are too many unsatisfied people in the system, much more than it can absorb.

It is vital to understand that material changes here or there are not the answer. The world must continue sustaining the existing systems that allow us to connect; we simply need to change the method in which we employ them. The current method allowed us to develop to the fullest extent of the human ego, and now we are discovering the general ego, which we must understand and explore within the framework of a new global education. But everything in its good time, we will need to take it step by step. For now in the first phase, we need to agree that there is a problem, that we need to change, and that the world is connected.

2012 can be and let us hope will be—a special year of agreement between us and not of self-destruction. It is easy to destroy, and very hard to build new things, especially when it comes to the systems connecting us, which are at the highest level but which also require a special effort on our part. The global integral world is being revealed a moment before we understand how to adapt to it. A lengthy process of recognizing and comprehending this new path is before us, and we should not give up or give in to weakness or fear at this point. On the contrary, now is the time to be brave and willingly head forward toward the necessary changes. The world needs to increase its unity, not its uniformity. All the details making up the whole will continue to exist tomorrow. We only need to change the paradigm: not our essence.

To summarize, 2012 is not a special year in itself, but rather represents this general point in time that is special. The required transition obligates us to gradually raise the satisfaction level of the average citizen to a single, balanced system with the first order of business being ensuring an economic paradigm change before we deal with anything else. There are two things we need to organize in order to enable this vital process:

a)    Raise the standard of living of the poor to a decent existence with regard to finding work, receiving training, housing, nourishment, health care, etc. The funding for raising the standard of living for the impoverished needs to come from the affluent. Whatever they will not part with voluntarily or in accord with government taxes will be taken from them tomorrow by force, by default. It’s as simple as that.

b)    All the unemployed people of tomorrow, and there will be many, must receive training about the global integral world: its laws, and what it requires of us. Where will the money come from? Just as we said above, through increased taxation of the wealthy as imposed by the government.

A brief summary of 2011:

  • Magnetic pole shift, 22 earthquakes, 11 deadly hurricanes, 5 devastating floods, 2 large volcanic eruptions, a tsunami, numerous fires, drought, and mass death of fish, birds, and marine life.
  • Consumer prices rose by 30%, unemployment by 30%, divorce rate by 50%, drug usage by 50%, and suicide by 30%.

Let us all think about how we can each contribute our good thoughts and intentions to making 2012 a turning point that we can look back on and be proud of. That is all that is really required of us. A slight change of attitude to everyone around us will create a completely new atmosphere for ushering in a new era of sustainability and abundance.

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