If I Were a Rich Man

“The world’s wealthiest families have embarked on damage limitation rather than seeking to boost their fortunes as financial turmoil erodes their riches, with some so worried they are putting their money in ‘catastrophe’ portfolios….The ‘catastrophe portfolio’ allocates one third of money to gold, one third to defensive and internationally diversified blue chip company shares and a third to the debt of ultra safe developed countries.”(“Rich run for cover as turmoil hits wealth,” Reuters)

This wave will pass over all of us and “cleanse” us in ways we probably won’t enjoy very much. That is, if we don’t smarten up by then and begin a gradual transformation geared toward getting back in balance with Nature and if we don’t take gradual action in this direction ourselves, the gap will widen and erupt in some very unpleasant manner.

There is a way to achieve harmony between us and Nature. All it requires is a worldwide change of attitude. This has never been attempted before. Over the last decade many scientists have discovered the necessity of this process, but beyond filling them with funding, no one has really paid any attention to what they are saying.

All we need to do is learn how to be considerate of everyone around us: to make sure everyone has food before we stuff ourselves, to make sure the tycoons don’t have money to burn while the middle-class is foreclosing on homes and cannot put bread on the table. In general, it means ensuring that no part of society can take advantage of another. Then we will all wake up to a different world and truly feel that we are short of nothing. “Rich” will be redefined as those that genuinely put others’ interests before their own.

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