ARI Institute Participates In An International Seminar On Women

Remarkable participation of the ARI Institute in an international seminar on women
Members of our ARI Institute, Rachel Laitman and Norma Livne, were selected by Millenia 2015 to participate in the seminar “Women Actors of Development for the Global Challenges” that took place recently in Paris, France.

The conference was organized by The Detree Institute, a European non-governmental research centre for regional development. 50 women representatives of universities, scientific institutions, international organizations, and economic and social bodies from 17 countries gathered for the event at the Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation, Ecole des Mines, Paris.
Through our materials and active participation in the discussions, we contributed to the foresight exercise that will lead to the “Millennia2015 Action plan for women’s empowerment,” an international conference to be held by UNESCO at its headquarters in Paris in 2012.
As ARI Institute, we focus on “the strength of networks for women” and “women and girls, lifelong education and training,” “women and men, complementary role.” Our proposals and visions were included in the summary of the event for further inclusion in the high level international working groups. We made contacts for future collaborations with colleagues from Canada, USA, France, Panama, Switzerland, Italy.

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