Creating Large Scale Social Change

The fact that depression is the number one disorder in the world at the moment shouldn’t scare us. But what can we try to understand from this? What are the reasons behind the numbers?

Where Do We Go from Here?

Basically, we are emotional beings motivated by our feelings. Our mind simply enhances our emotional development, but it is not the source. A person develops according to four degrees of desire that we go through in each situation. These are inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. Until now, humanity developed through the first three, or in other words, on an individual level. We came out of the caves a long time ago and have stopped chasing animals. Humanity has achieved great things. We have peaked in every area of our lives; scientific, technological, and social, and this is precisely why it will be difficult for us to achieve more.

Time to Up Our Game

As we are now at the degree of the development of the human part of ourselves, different rules apply. Our basic human nature that makes us run from danger and pursue pleasure can no longer find new sources of satisfaction as it did before because to satisfy a desire at the human level there needs to be mutual fillings. Since this stage of our development is also divided into inanimate, animate, vegetative, and human stages, we still have much preparation to do. From a historical perspective, we developed various regimes, nations, languages, along with economic and social mechanisms that held up until now. Now is the time to up our game and take advantage of the window of opportunity before us in an innovative and a new manner.

Adjusted Attitude

For humanity to increase the value of life in a good way, it must embrace a new value system that is suitable for the current collective stage of our existence. Development on an individual basis is a thing of the past, and in order to advance to the new era we need to adopt a new attitude to life. What we have been experiencing lately are new global crises that are but signs of an approaching new era.

From this point onward only global initiatives and integral thinking will advance us to a better tomorrow. This may sound quite “virtual” compared to the very tangible problems we are dealing with today, but it would not be wise for us to reject any of our options before trying them out.

The Plan

Practical milestones to a renewed humanity:

a)     A new global education.

b)     Goal of education: man himself, i.e. transforming ourselves instead of acquiring more knowledge.

c)     Method: building the right environment for instigating massive change.

Education means to comprehend and agree that we need to sit down and learn from scratch how education is the best way to reach peoples’ hearts.

The purpose of education is to understand that until now we have not actually dealt with this issue, since all our advancement was materialistic and technological. We need to start forming new tools for teaching people how to apply the emotional “package” that makes us human in a way that benefits the entire world. So that where there is suffering, depression, war and starvation; we can create prosperity and security.

The environment: The main principle of education is to explain to people how important our environment is as a vital means for human advancement.

Reaching Out

How can we reach every person in the world? We can begin to educate ourselves through standard channels of communication: internet, TV, radio, and papers, which are the sources of life in our generation. We can develop various new programs for different target audiences, but the only question left is, “Are we ready to embark on a new path?”