Did Irene Really Take Us By Surprise?

The Big Questions

Nature is “communicating” with the U.S. quite strongly lately. The greatest country in the world has no shortage of troubles. You could assume the heightened occurrence and severity of weather disasters are random acts of Nature. But the truth is that these are processes of growth. Forest fires are an example of this process of change. When we look at these weather events in the United States, it really makes us stop and think. Can Nature be controlled? Or does it completely control us? Is it in our power to change the processes of Nature?

Nature’s System

When viewing Nature’s system, and we currently have an abundance of scientific tools for examining it, we find a balanced system with all its growing processes, species, compensations, inter-relationships, and adaptations, etc. At the same time, all the changes that are not necessary in Nature took place and continue to take place where man intervenes. This is not so clear because it seems it should have been just the opposite: that such a sophisticated creature as man would have been able to conquer Nature for his benefit. Instead, we see many signs that Nature opposes us: tsunamis, hurricanes, the extinction of species, and ecological deterioration. Is it only chance, or is this Nature’s reaction against us?

Man in Nature

Any person strives for a good life, whether through the people around or through Nature. A person has a mental and emotional system that places one at the top of Nature as the most developed creature. So what is it about our relationships that does not allow us to enjoy Nature absolutely? Why does Nature alienate us? Why can’t we figure out how to conquer Nature and all of its forms? The truth is that the system of man’s law is one that we do not yet know. We have no idea about its reasoning or consequences.

We must act as a complimentary and overlapping system to Nature’s, and be in tune with ourselves and with Nature.

Complete Nature

The global crisis, just as the natural disasters, is simply a warning sign for us. Hurricane Irene was simply another wakeup call to make us focus on tomorrow. We must search for the balance and collective responsibility of each person in every nation without any exceptions. We must act as a complimentary and overlapping system to Nature’s and be in tune with ourselves and with Nature. It is only then that we will discover the harmonious system of life in the renewed reality.

You may raise a doubtful eyebrow, but it won’t really help because whoever has any doubts can start relying on science, biological research, physicists, and sociologists. They are all beginning to identify a global system that we are on the verge of discovering. Research identifies the subjective connection of man to Nature, and we still have our work cut out for us applying these concepts to practical usage that will lead humanity to new achievements. The choice is in our hands. All we have to do is connect the dots.