Global Affairs: New Social Movement Emerging

The Connection Between Protests in Spain and Israel

Israel protests (CNN)

Spain protests (BBC)

The macro economy in the era of globalization is becoming revealed to us in many similar forms and scenarios throughout the world, making the term “global village” almost redundant at this point. A prominent example is the state in which young people in Israel and Spain currently find themselves.

It is interesting to watch similar protests taking place in two completely different nations. What we are dealing with here is the same trend playing out in two different languages, cultures, and mindsets that have both reached the same breaking point. Suddenly, with no warning and no coordination between the two countries—a new social movement has emerged.

The Middle Generation

Just slightly past the founding fathers and a few steps ahead of the teens of our time, there is a middle class of 30 or 40 somethings upon which the entire economic and cultural development of Spain and Israel are based. This is a transitional generation that developed technology and provided the basis for raising the national moral and economic standards of life and with a clear aspiration of making life better. That same generation did not request medals or statues in city squares. They just did what seemed natural for the development of society and the individuals who comprise society.

The Global Reality

In our time, the global connection is being revealed, but we still do not have the necessary capabilities to apply it in a positive manner. Just like any historical development and social change that humanity undergoes, the transition period is one fraught with labor pains in accepting the new situation over the old. We still need to digest the new facts together in a way that is both practical and beneficial to everyone in the best possible manner. There is just one little problem….

Transitional Phase

Unfortunately those absorbing the global transition the most are the middle classes that played a key role in defining the sophisticated status of both countries. Suddenly, with no warning whatsoever that same middle class finds itself without a means of making a living. Not having a place to work leads to numerous scenarios that are all distinctly unpleasant: problems in the family, disconnection from society, not to mention suddenly being robbed of the respect achieved over many years.


In Israel and Spain, as in many other regions around the world, a spontaneous social movement has sprung up on behalf of the entire society. Just as they served in the past for their countries, today these young people are also serving society but on a much wider scale.

Their protests contain the seeds of our social and economic development over the next decade, but the goal of social justice will be achieved by identifying the root of the problem: human egoism. It can only be solved by attaining a deeper connection between all the elements within the society, where everything is interconnected and dependent on each other.