What is Really Happening? Was Chaos Part of the Plan?

The Problem

The more we develop, the more complicated and unpredictable life becomes. This means that there are forces we cannot see or feel, which is why we seem to suddenly discover all kinds of things we did not anticipate. If we would know about these forces – feel the parts that do not enter our current picture of reality, meaning what is hidden from us – we would know about our past, present and future. We would know what to look forward to and how to avoid making mistakes. We would understand how to relate to everything, namely ourselves and everyone around us in order to feel good.

The biggest problem apparently for each and every one of us is that we cannot see the full picture of reality, or all the laws governing the world we live in. We only see a slight part of the big picture and that is why we have no idea why we are connected to certain people, or get into all kinds of situations. We have no tools for seeing beyond what is right in front of us.

The Solution

Every change around us is dependent on a person’s reality. We must be aware of the changes happening around us and respond to them accordingly. Finding the balance that suits us, and that suits each and every individual on earth. We cannot look at specific situations and file them away as political, national, social, economic or ecological. The human fabric that runs through the human connection toward a common goal is what brings stability and determines our future. Therefore every desire, act and thought that is dedicated toward the general system will bring balance, stability, and prosperity. There is not a single thing in our world that is not connected to and derived from a single source – the general balance according to the human law of nature that is totally dependent on the integral globalization that we are on verge of discovering. All that is left for us to do is attempt to apply the global laws of nature in a clear and effective way for every individual on the planet.