Women and Men

The labor pains of a renewed world bring new questions to the surface, which we have not yet found a common human denominator for that would enable us to comprehend the root of the problem. Time will most definitely teach us. Ultimately our collective desire will accelerate both the search and quality of results for all of humanity.

At the heart of the never-ending search for enhancing life on our planet is the gender issue. Men and women are the two forces that the renewal and continuation of the human species are based on. The correct balance between these two forces will bring about fresh results in all aspects of our lives: education, the economy, society and the environment.

Forces of nature are never equal to one another, but rather complement each other perfectly. This is the only way to measure the correct balance between them. Our generation must understand that the complementary aspects of the female-male relationship serve a single common goala��the improvement of mankind. The outcome of this discovery will bring about significant changes for everyone on the planet.

What do we need to proceed to the next stage?

A basic understanding of the laws of nature.

A common goal for both genders to embark upon together.

A desire for ascending to a new stage of humanity.

1) A Basic Understanding of the Laws of Nature

The natural reality unfolding in our time shows us that man is obligated to societal life. We see the direct ties to the basic economic conditions where everyone is dependent on support from society. So the goal, or any goal for that matter, is without a doubt built on all the laws of nature together. Nature is made up of the forces that run our world. It is precisely naturea��s attributes that we must try to emulate.A� If we are going to be dealing with the laws of nature, it is only fitting that we must learn them, in order to avoid any confusion between our materialistic world and the more purposeful world we are headed toward.

Laws of Nature

Law of the Conservation of Energy (and its conversion from state to state): Everything in the universe is energy, which can be converted to a material-taking form. This is how our thoughts and ideas that are a form of energy can take on forms and be realized in our reality.

Law of Relativity: Thoughts are neutral; there is no good or bad until we have the opportunity to compare one thing to something else.

Law of Vibration: The human law of attraction is based on nothing in the universe being in a state of rest, despite our senses deceiving us into thinking so. We are dealing with energy that is dependent on our thoughts, which in turn influence our feelings and sensations.

Law of Polarity: Everything in the universe has its opposite side: heating/cooling, upward/downward; every state in life includes the opposite form.

Law of Cyclicality: The law determines that the state will constantly change: ascents and descents, after every night comes day, the high tide and the low tide of the seas.

Law of Cause and Consequence: Just as Isaac Newton said: To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction, both positive and negative. This can also be called the boomerang effect.

Law of Propagation of the Species: Every thought, action, or desire has its necessary time for development; beware of unripe fruit.

2) A Common Goal

Nature is a wondrous thing full of beauty and charm, full of endless inspiration that often leaves us breathless in the face of its splendor. We the people are the central point of nature: women, men and children. The moment we adjust ourselves to the laws of nature, the human nature, we will be able to live with these laws in harmony and to generate the maximum potential that awaits us, each one of us with no exceptions. Everything, external and internal nature, external and internal man, absolutely everything is connected in a chain of cause and consequence. All we have to do is discover the first connecting link, and then we will be able to gradually sense the general balance. At the moment, natural systems are not in balance; we can see examples of this throughout the world.

Today we are on the threshold of a new world, a world striving to be more social with more cohesion and a world that strives to live securely in complete opposition to the random instability that keeps throwing us from bad to worse. Indeed, we are still dealing with the negative signs, the deteriorating economy, education, ecology, and worse of alla��the family unit.

The family unit is the historic defining symbol of the genders and the foundation of society. If society is the macro, then the family unit is the micro concept of the human experience on which the entire power of life and existence of the human race depends. Society and the family unit have been in constant interaction throughout all of history up until now. At the same time, men and women alike have been on a continuous moral downfall that strains all the systems connected to the family.

As the family unit gradually lost its power, society began losing its value. We can even go so far as to say that today we are seeing opposite systems forming, systems that are working against both society and individuals. From the moment we lost the central and most natural starting point, the family unit, we continued to lose our balanced development in accordance with the laws of nature.

It is important to understand that no one is to blame for the state we find ourselves in today. This is simply the most obvious outcome resulting from the materialistic path we have been following. Until today, man developed at the level of the individual desire. Man was driven by desires for ever-increasing pleasures. In this pursuit, our egos pushed us to make a foundation for ourselves in this world from a materialistic, technological, and institutional perspective. People explored the limits of their potential development in the above above-mentioned systems, while developing as a part of the general system. All individuals within the general society or system underwent the same development of desires for food, family, sex, wealth, respect, power, and knowledge. This same development maintained the historic balance until now.

3) Ascending to a New Stage of Humanity

How is the new world different from the old?

The new world is the human development right in front of us, the historic man of all the generations who is now starting on his way. The concrete questions today are about the purpose of life. Attention has been diverted from the size of onea��s car, house, and bank account, to social issues. There is nothing random or trendy about this process; but rather, these are the first sparks of our new life. People all over the world are becoming concerned with social and global issues just as they are concerned about their personal issues. We are beginning to discover mutual ties that are committing us to something new.

Proper Cooperation Between the Genders Will Provide Us All With a Better Future

Two parts of nature, women and men, are equal and completely opposite to one another. The womana��s natural system is totally tied to nature and that is why we see that it is precisely the woman who brings new life into the world and who is responsible for the hierarchical order in the home and childrena��s education. Most natural systems are derived from women and belong to their essence. Above all, women are the catalysts of development of life in the universe.

Man is simply a reflexive reflection of womena��s desires. No man can move a finger without a woman pushing him from behind. There is validity to the adage a�?behind every great man stands a great woman.a�? We can conclude that the impulse tying us to all the processes of development in life is none other than the female power. Without a womana��s pressure and desire for perfection (love and giving), the male part completely lacks yearning.

Although it appears that everything happens thanks to men, history actually develops with the help of women. This is because all the inter-connections between one state of development to the next, superior state, derives from womena��s desires, which the male desires are meant to complete. Additionally, the female part is responsible for the birth of new states in our world. So it turns out that the male part cannot attain a connection between historic states of development without the female part, and the female part cannot perform its connecting task between states without the help of men.

The Central Issue

Women spend more time thinking about inequality than they do thinking about their natural essence; this blocks them from realizing their full potential. Inequality only exists at our natural starting point. . But with regard to the purpose of life and leveraging the human values within us both emotionally and intellectually, we are all equal. The natural differences we see are simply an external sign of so-called separate systems, which are meant to form a connecting bridge for realizing life. The truth is that there is a disinformation of terms here because inequality in our world means a female manager earning less than her male counterpart, which is correct in itself.

However, if we are discussing human qualities, then equality is a relative issue; each side contributes and brings its part in an equal and utmost manner, in accordance with its abilities. The fact that we are different must be maintained since social justice is based on our common identification of what exists inside me. Every female part, just as the male, that wants to express its participation in the general processes by cancelling its natural attributes is destroying, more than building.

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