About the ARI Institute


The ARI Institute is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote a globally aware humanity for meeting the challenges of today’s interdependent world. As an organization dedicated to solving the most pressing issues of our time, our goal is to generate a transformational shift in society through a new global education. Our vision for solving the global crisis at all levels, including education, hunger, and all social and economic problems, involves implementing a new, comprehensive global and integral education program.


Solution to the Crisis

A suitable response to the crisis requires an educational, moral and conscious shift among the citizens of the world. Each person must recognize that his or her good destiny is dependent on their relations with others. When we place openness and concern for others at the top of society’s agenda, when that openness and concern for others is the defining principle through which, for example, school curricula are examined, we will immediately feel that society has begun a process of healing. People will form an open approach to the world – a cosmopolitan prism through which they will be able to judge their actions toward others. This process will also facilitate the creation of the type of systems we hope to see in the political, social, and financial arenas.