Integral Education Method

The ARI Institute has developed a method for enhancing human connections at all levels of society. The result of over a decade of research is the Integral Education method, which fosters a new, integral perspective that can be applied to every sector of society:

The integral education generates positive and supportive relationships with others, and enhances sensitivity to the relations between the individual and the people surrounding the individual.

Mutual Responsibility
Integral Education will help the world gradually emerge from the crisis by understanding how we complement one another and that achieving a new balance between people will help us deal with everything happening around us. We call this ai???mutual

Money and Business in the New World
In tomorrowai??i??s integral community the entire economy and calculations surrounding it will be based on non-monetary rewards such as social approval. For this reason, the most valued people will be those who contribute to the community and society, rather than those who create the biggest profits for their companyai??i??s shareholders. Organizations that will adapt their strategy and structure to the conditions of the new stage that the world is entering will succeed.

Fast Education
The integral education method involves a very quick process. What people need today is to understand the structure of the world, the new global stage we have entered, and the uniting forces operating on our world. This method helps people understand very quickly how they must act so as not to harm themselves.Ai?? They will also learn that it is no longer enough not to harm others intentionally but that all relations in society must be organized according to the new interdependent network we are gradually discovering. Adapting ourselves to suit the integral nature of this network will ensure our sustainability and a better quality of life for people everywhere.