Meetings with The UN and UNESCO

Since early 2011, the ARI Institute has been in ongoing communication with the UN, participating and presenting in UN & UNESCO held events, contributing to an ongoing discussion on a wide range of topics covering global education for adults, children and youth, building peace through education, social transformation, social policy analysis, women’s involvement in science, technology, education, social innovation and more.


The following is a summary of some events in the ARI/UN communication:

  • March 2011– Proposal for an integral education method presented to UNESCO Director General Mrs. Irina Bokova in France.
  • March 2011 – Participation at UNESCO’s annual evaluation “Education for All Global Monitoring Report,” at Columbia University, New York.
  • March 2011 – Participation in “Building Peace: Reconciliation through Education, the Sciences, Culture and Communication,” held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
  • March 2011 – Participation at UNESCO’s conference “Youth Participation in Social Transformations: Initiatives and Participation,” in Moscow.
  • June 2011 – Participation at the 27th International Women Leaders’ Conference on “Science, Technology and Innovation: Education and Training for Women and Girls,” organized by UNESCO.
  • July 2011 – Proposal “Global and Integral Education as a Solution to the Crisis” presented at the 8th Forum of Ministers of Social Development of Latin America organized by UNESCO, in El Salvador.
  • September 2011 – Proposal “Global and Integral Education as a Solution to the Crisis” presented to the UN’s Deputy Secretary General Dr. Asha Rose Migiro.
  • September 2011 – Presentation “Kids Bonding Through Sports Games” presented in ICSSPE’s International Conference on Sport for Development and Peace.
  • November 2011 – Participation in “Women Actors of Development for Global Challenges” symposium in Paris, as part of the Millenia 2015 international project.
  • December 2011 – An integral education course proposal as a solution for dealing with rising numbers of unemployed presented to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.